#SayangMyAge, healthy eating tips for age late 20s

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Home #SayangMyAge, healthy eating tips for age late 20s
Home #SayangMyAge, healthy eating tips for age late 20s

Hey everyone, I'm Jaryn who turned 27 years old this year. People always tell me approaching the 30s is when your skin changes. Imagine people guess your age by adding a few more years of your actual, oh my god. HELLO CANNOT! Traveling on public transport and working in an air-conditioned office have made my skin extremely dry. Not to forget pollution which leads to further deterioration of my skin and now #maskne.

我们的顾客Jaryn,今年27岁,在行动管制令开始前她每天都要搭公共交通上下班来回住宿,再加上是在冷气房工作,所以都因为空气污染和吹空调而造成皮肤敏感且干燥。除此外,女人在接近30岁时,皮肤也在迎来各种“转型” :干燥、细纹、黑眼圈等等!这接二连三的“成长”问题也让她开始担心...

在马来西亚,30岁的女人是花样年华,有了经济能力,也可能要准备步入婚姻,是人生中最灿烂的的美好时光,怎么可以“欠少少?!!“ 所以,很多女人每个月都会“消费”一笔在护肤品!可是亲爱的,你知道吗? 保养不能只顾外表 ,因为健康是由内到外的,如果身体里面出现了问题,就会浮现在我们皮肤上。 现在就让我们Wise Crafters 为您分享一些<养生常识”>。

Tips from Wise Crafters 健康饮食小贴士

The way we look is dependent on several factors, from what we eat to our genetic inheritance, lifestyle, environment, and stress. Always eat mindfully and choose natural foods that support our skin types to counter the effects of skin stressors. As we age, skin loses moisture. Hydrating it with good fluids minimise the signs of ageing, and eating quality proteins & vitamin C-rich foods supports collagen levels to keep skin supple.


1) Avoid processed foods & fast foods 对精制食品说不!

You know, I know, everybody knows that processed foods and fast foods are high in sugar & hydrogenated fats, both of which could damage collagen which makes your skin losing elasticity and increase your wrinkles!  Don't be afraid, try to eat some fresh foods which ensure high levels of beneficial nutrients, choose natural and organic (if possible) to avoid skin damaging toxins from pesticide residues and keep your skin beautiful like age 18.



2)Eating for a rainbow of benefits 彩虹饮食法

Eat brightly coloured, nutrient dense foods, such as tomatoes, carrots and broccoli, with carotenoids that protect skin against ageing free radicals. Aid collagen with healthy proteins from legumes, nuts, seeds and tempeh

颜色鲜艳天然的蔬果,如胡萝卜,番茄和芥兰花都有丰富的胡萝卜素(体内的维生素A)帮助我们抵抗自由基,减缓衰老。而含有胶原蛋白和蛋白质的食物呢,则可以帮助我们去除多余的皱纹,增加皮肤的弹性(和朋友出门都会被多看几眼啊)。当中最容易找到的相关食物是豆类,坚果和天呗 。


3) Hydrate & nurture skin with a fruity smoothie! 健康果泥是你的美颜救星!

We understand that most of the working ladies do not have enough time for cooking especially during the MCO and not to mention taking care of their skin health. As we know, hydrating is important for your skin to keep you stay young and pretty. If you're looking for something fresh, how about blending all superfoods into a smoothie bowl? Easy, tasty and healthy for your day even you have a busy life.

Here's a simple recipe that you should try especially for dry skin:

  1. Blitz 1 banana (Contains prebiotic & antioxidant lutein, which boost elasticity and sebum levels)

  2. 70grams fresh blueberries (Antioxidant powerhouse)

  3. 150ml unsweetened almond oatmilk (Delicious source of hydration)

  4. Blend it and drink it straight away!

Click here for more Smoothie Bowls options

在这行动管制令下,大部分的职业女性都因一时的改变而无法抽出时间来为自己准备料理,照顾自身健康。  所以我们的建议是“BLEND IT” 用最简单的方法把你喜欢的超级食物,蔬果和植物奶一起放进搅拌机搅拌成果泥,然后直接就可以喝了。简单,美味可口,而且还帮助补水。一举三得,何乐而不为!

我们Wise Crafters 在这里准备了一份简单的护肤果泥食谱,可供参考: 

  1. 一条香蕉 (含天然益生元,叶黄素,有效控制皮质水平)
  2. 70克蓝莓(抗氧化) 
  3. 150毫升的无糖杏仁燕麦奶
  4. 一起放进搅拌机搅拌成果泥就可以直接拿来喝


      更多果泥选择,可按此链接: Smoothie Bowls


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