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Protein-packed and low in calories, no doubt oatmeal and chia seed combo is the next breakfast champion for most women who are looking to keep their hearts and figure young!

Be it a quick fix for hunger pangs, oats contain beta glucan as a lipid lowering agent and lignan which helps to reduce chances of hormone-related cancers. Super filling, satisfying and versatile!

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 Why is it so good? 

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  • Kick start healthy eating in an easy & sustainable way : If you're concerning that you might not be able to commit healthy eating habit throughout the day, then this package is your perfect solution! Keep in fridge and consume within the best before date.
  • Eat right not less: The β-Glucan from oatmeal may increase your feeling of fullness, which means that it will make you feel full for longer period and help you avoid extra calories intake. 

  • Enjoy a wide variety of delicious healthy foods: You won’t get bored because we have plenty of oatmeal flavours for you to choose from. Besides, Kefir is naturally fizzy , it make you feel like drinking sparkling juice, so delicious~

  • Live your life more: Wise Crafters includes these naturally functional foods into meal plans, provides doorstep delivery and makes time for our customers to live and enjoy more. 

Let's buy a package and your body will thank you!