About Us

About us

Wise Crafters was born in 2017 when my father _ Ng underwent heart surgery, and I felt the need to encourage Dad to take care of his diet.
 I also noticed colleagues not paying serious attention to their diets either, with calorie and fat laden breakfasts and snacks taking priority over health. I began realising how little, yet important, daily effort it takes to keep ourselves in the best of health.

Wise Crafters specialises in oatmeal, kefir and other nutritious and health giving menus. From oatmeal breakfast jars to warm meals, the mission of Wise Crafters is to cater each meal on our menu to Malaysians who wish to Eat Healthily to Stay Healthy.

This business started from my loves to my dad... and now, we would like to extend all these good values to the whole nation. Our vision is to help every Malaysian eat at least one healthy clean meal per day. We are determined to serve you the same way we care for ourselves and our families' wellbeing.

Visit us online, or pop in and say hello if you're near our store in Bandar Sunway.

Samantha Ng


Healthy Food Delivery in Malaysia

If you enjoy cooking healthy food but lack of time, try Wise Crafters' healthy food Malaysia delivery! All of our Halal, ready-to-eat meals are served at your doorsteps. This saves a lot of your meal prep time because all you have to do is let us know your diet requirement upon ordering. As a healthy food Malaysia delivery provider, we curate our meals with organic, high-quality and Halal-certified food ingredients. Most importantly, we prioritize no artificial preservatives in the food. This is to make sure that each meal is designed to fit our client's specific needs in achieving personal health goals. Hence, we hope each of our customers is able to enjoy the best healthy food delivery in Malaysia with Wise Crafters.  How does Wise Crafters take a practical approach to clean eating in helping you to achieve your health goals? First, we have a strong team of food scientists and nutritionists to understand your dietary needs. From there, we personalise the meal to fulfil your needs based on calorie intake and other health concerns you want us to take note of! If you do not know where to start, browse through all varieties of meals we prepared to your specifications - whether you are looking for a lose-weight meal, a healthy-reset meal, or a women-designated meal, you can easily order it through this healthy food delivery Selangor-based platform - Wise Crafters.

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