#SayangMyAge, healthy eating tips for age early 20s

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Home #SayangMyAge, healthy eating tips for age early 20s
Home #SayangMyAge, healthy eating tips for age early 20s

I'm in my 20 years old this year and have just finished my second year at college. As a college student, we are always pressed for time, under a lot of stress and eating on-the-go. I want to eat healthy but it's difficult to avoid bad habits like skipping meals or frequently visiting fast food restaurants. Other than weight gain, I’m also dealing with the outbreak of acne especially when I’m rushing for assignment and couldn’t get enough sleep. Arghhh…I want to stay healthy & pretty at my golden age!

小玲是Wise Crafters里最年轻的队员(20岁…整间公司都靠她来拉低我们的平均岁数),她很勤劳,除了应付读书考试,每逢假期她都会来我们这里打工拿经验,不停努力学习。

我们都时常一起讨论健康饮食的话题。对她来讲,身为一个学院生最挣扎的就是很难避免吃快餐+喝咖啡。 功课多再加上偶尔还要熬夜赶assignments…所以体重和牙龈健康一直都是她很关注的问题。年轻人嘛,即使MCO不能外出,也要拍照上网打卡的啊~

Tips from Wise Crafters 健康饮食小贴士

Weight management depends on calories-in versus calories-out. For a healthy college diet, we recommend focusing a balanced healthy diet.

卡路里是一个能量单位,卡路里指出您所吃食物和所喝饮料的能量含量。 就像你电话的电池这样,充电多少个小时,会有多少个能量单位,让你能用上多久的时间。 所以你吃多了/或吃不对,你的身体不但吸收不到,而且还变成一种负担(脂肪)所以,均衡营养和适度的饮食分量对体重管理来说真的很重要。

1) If you must eat fast foods, choose wisely  精明选择“健康快餐”

Limit high fat offerings like French fries, fried chicken or fish sandwiches. Opt for salads, sugar free smoothie and fresh fruits, such as Apples.  Apples have a high concentration of malic acid, which is used in some toothpastes. Malic acid increases saliva, which cleans your teeth and helps remove stains, according to a 2013 study conducted at the University of Grenada (Spain).

普遍的快餐,如薯条,炸鸡都含有有很多反式脂肪 ,不但对身体不好,吃了也会让人很有“腹担” !所以如果生活很忙不妨考虑吃沙拉,燕麦餐,无糖果泥或者直接准备一些新鲜水果放冰箱,需要时至少可以吃一粒先充饥。如果你跟小玲一样,想照顾牙龈健康,也不仿考虑苹果哦!苹果里的苹果酸可帮助去除牙齿表面的着色物质,可以有效清除牙齿表面的茶垢和咖啡污垢。

2) Limit your sugar intake 小姐,你已经够甜了,真的不需要加糖!

We are all overwhelmed by Boba teas almost everywhere but bear in mind that sugar provides calories in your diet which could contribute significantly to tooth decay. 


3) Drink lots of water  补水!

The human brain is a staggering 75% water, but surprisingly it has no ability to store any of the water it uses. As such, brains require a constant flow of the liquid to carry out every conscious function, including short-term and long-term memory retention. So, if we deprive our brains of water, our cells cannot function, which in turn affects the brain’s ability to maintain concentration.  To remind yourself, carry a water bottle along to class and keep it handy during late night study sessions. 

研究显示,原来喝水能帮助大脑运作,让我们更能专注做事/学习。所以,除了你的皮肤需要水水嫩嫩外,我们的头脑也需要水份来滋润细胞。记得咯,去哪里都好都要带一瓶水,时不时都要给我们的身体”补水“, 确保你里里外外都“水水嫩嫩“


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