Prebiotic Rainbow Oatmeal by Wise Crafters

May 3, '22
”Eh oats is quite bland not meh… really can eat every day?” 🌾🥣
One common concern for oatmeal at first is that it does not seem as flavourful.
But what if we told you… that is NOT TRUE? ❌
Here at Wise Crafters, oatmeal is a staple food.
Simply, because oatmeal is delicious! 😋 Yes, it does not seem much on its own, but add in a burst of fresh strawberry 🍓, fragrant kiwis🥝, a mouthful of chia seeds 🌱… suddenly something plain becomes a sea of flavours.
Ever wake up craving for oatmeal, but don’t know which flavor to make or what fruits to add? 😝 Let’s put a lil fun into our breakfast - homemade Rainbow Oatmeal Jar 🌈 is sure to brighten your mood. Oatmeal never looked so good! 😋 Packed with a variety of fruits, contains zero dyes and adds a fun + colourful way to load up on your vitamins and minerals 💪.
Get started with all these ingredients: ❤️ Oatmeal 🧡 Chia Seed 💛 Blueberries 💚 Pitaya 💙 Strawberry 💜 Kiwi 🖤 Orange ❤️ Mango There is just something about RAINBOW food that makes us feel joyful – anyone else feels that too? 🙋

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