Healthy Foods Recipe: Organic Oatmilk

Healthy Foods Recipe: Organic Oatmilk

Jan 14, '20

Emerged as a lactose-free alternative, #OatMilk contains no nuts, dairy or other common allergens, which makes it a great option for vegans or non-dairy eaters. Creamy, flavoursome and perfect to consume alone or in combination with smoothies, granola and many more! Enough reason to give it a try? 

Health benefits of drinking Butterfly Pea Flowers Tea:

  • Vegan, lactose-, soy- and nut-FREE
  • Rich in Vitamin B
  • May lower blood cholesterol
  • Heart-healthy
  • Good for bone health


How to prepare:

    1. Blend all the ingredients together in a high speed blender for 1 min. Please take note that over-blending will make it become slimy in texture.
    2. Then strain through a cheese cloth.
    3. Enjoy!



    1. How long does it last? Well sealed in the refrigerator , oatmilk should last about 5 days. You'll know it's gone bad when it smells funny.
    2. Why did the oatmilk separate? Separation is totally normal with oat milk and other natural plant milks. Just shake well before use will do:) 


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