How Oats Help to Reduce Cholesterol

How Oats Help to Reduce Cholesterol

Jan 20, '22

Many people are becoming more aware of their cholesterol level, especially when they are in their 20's. Whenever cholesterol is mentioned, people will often hear how eating oats will significantly help to improve their cholesterol level. Do you know how consuming oats in your daily life gives effect to your cholesterol level?

If you go to any supermarket and find any oat products, you will see 'beta glucan' written on the food label. But what is beta glucan? Beta glucan is a major component of water soluble fibre which can be found in abundance in grains, especially in barley and oats. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorizes the health claim of eating 3 grams of beta glucan daily would contribute in lowering the risk of getting Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD).

Oat beta glucan helps to reduce cholesterol level in our body through modifying the composition of our gut microbiota and increasing bile acid synthesis. As cholesterol is mainly deposited in the bile acid, there will be a reduction of cholesterol when bile acid synthesis happens (Joyce SA, Kamil A, Fleige L and Gahan CGM, 2019). Besides that, soluble fibre also can bind to the cholesterol to prevent them from getting into the bloodstream. Once the binding happens, the cholesterol will be removed from our body through our faeces (Jennifer Moll, 2021).

Now that you know how beta glucan in oats can potentially help to improve your cholesterol level, it's time to incorporate them in your diet! Not really sure how to? I'll share some simple tips on how to prepare oatmeals, stay tuned!  




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