5 Goodie Bag Ideas For Corporate Events

Nov 24, '22
goodie bag ideas for corporate events

What Are Conference Gift Bags Used For?

Goodie bags for corporate events have several advantages in addition to making a good impression. First, Goodie bag items serve as a reminder of the experience for each attendee. Finally, you can distinguish those brands from their competitors by carefully selecting the items.


What Do Attendees Expect from a Door Gift?

While attendees are often enthusiastic about goodie bags for corporate events, their excitement can be dampened if the bag's contents do not meet expectations. This only sometimes implies spending a lot of money to fill the bags, though the cost of the items in the bag should be proportionate to the event. However, it does not imply stuffing the bag to the brim with low-cost items. It's essential to strike the right balance. Still, it's even more important to understand what event and conference attendees want in a gift bag.


5 Conference Swag and Goodie Bag Ideas Your Attendees Will Love

To make a lasting impression, try to put yourself in the shoes of the people attending your conference. Then, think of the small but significant alterations you can make that will make a vast difference. Here are five goodie bag ideas for corporate events

#1 Work Traveler Kit

This loot package is ideal for employees who travel for work or for individuals who are always on the road. This kit includes the necessities for getting around, such as a durable bag, to-go cups, and chargers. In addition, you can include items that will come in handy in an emergency, such as sewing kits and travel accessories, such as neck pillows and earplugs.

goodie bag ideas for corporate events

#2 The Food Lover

Gourmet treats are a good gift because everyone eats, and most people enjoy relinquishing a treat on special occasions. In addition, many businesses sell food baskets that can be customized with a company logo sticker. Still, you can also handpick your assortments and have your company name printed on the packaging of each edible item.

Aside from the standard snack pack from Wise Creators, you can include accessories like dip bowls or measuring spoons to assist recipients in preparing, serving, and eating the food. This is an excellent gift for foodies, adventurous eaters, and employees willing to try new recipes.

#3 The Spa Bag

Whether your event includes relaxation or you hope your attendees will relax and unwind once they get home, a goodie bag filled with things for attendees to pamper themselves can be a fantastic treat. Take into account bath bombs or salts, exfoliators, luxury soaps, face and foot masks, body scrubs and sponges, and even a massage gift certificate from the hotel spa. Encouraging your guests to practice self-care can leave a lasting positive impression, but keep heavy scents to a minimum and consider some unscented options!\

#4 Fitness Freak

This gift bag might motivate employees to go to the gym. Exercise can help offset sedentary office hours and improve mood; it can also be a group activity and a way to socialize. A perfect swag bag for a person who's into fitness includes water bottles, workout apparel, and mats. This goodie bag does not tell employees how to exercise, but it encourages them to get moving somehow.

#5 Planning Tools for Planners

One of the best goodie bag ideas for corporate events is a gift and a tool for professional development. These gifts are popular with type A employees but can also help less organized employees get their act together. Despite the rise of digital tools, planners continue to be popular, possibly because the permanence of writing tasks down inspires action and accountability. Paper planners allow people to doodle, jot down ideas, and express themselves, boosting creativity.

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