Diet and Skin Health by Dr Chan

Diet and Skin Health by Dr Chan

Dec 6, '21

Skin changes as we age. The ageing process of the skin is unstoppable but there are many ways we can practice to slow down the process. At different age, there is different physiological changes to our skin, and hence we need to cater to the respective needs. 


Skin changes in the 20s

At early 20s, most people complain of oily skin and acne outbreaks. Oil control is definitely a main concern. However do not overlook hydration supply to the skin as well. It is a good time to start to develop a habit of applying sunblock. At late 20s, due to cumulated sun damage, stress, late night sleep, and free radicals exposure (computer, phone screen etc.) Skin maybe dull looking and dehydrated. Hence, mild exfoliation helps. Practice basic facial steps, and lay a good foundation.


Nutrition and diet advice:

Protein: Aim for a minimum of 0.8g protein per kg of body weight. 

Diet: Tofu, eggs, tempeh and beans.

Omega-3 fatty acids: These polyunsaturated fats aid in boosting your serotonin levels.

Diet: Chia seeds, hemp seeds, walnuts, and flaxseeds.

Recommendations from Wise Crafters:

 Summer Corn Quinoa Bowl, Golden Oatsome Smoothie BowlSeaweed Red Date Soup


Skin changes in the 30s

At 30s, people are generally stable in all aspects of life, and can invest more in skin health. At this period too, we show early sign of ageing- wrinkles, especially around eyes area. And early sign of sun damage too - pigmentation, thin skin etc.
Hence it’s good to add antioxidants to our routine skincare and retinol containing products which can stimulate collagen. Likewise, always wear sunblock.


Nutrition and diet advice:

B vitamins: Support a healthy state of mind and maintain good energy levels by ensuring your B vitamin intake is adequate.

Diet: Whole grains, nuts and seeds, leafy green vegetables, eggs.

Iron: A lack of dietary iron can leave you feeling physically and mentally drained. 

Diet: Non-dairy milk, pumpkin seeds, dark leafy green vegetables.

Recommendations from Wise Crafters:

Citrus Garden Quinoa Bowl, Washoku Oatmeal, Almond Oatmilk


Skin changes in the 40s

When reach 40s, our firmness of skin drops due to loss of volume and elasticity. There is more pronounced wrinkles and sun damage signs. We still need to exfoliate but gently and always hydrate the skin. We can add hyaluronic acid to retain moisture, and add more nourishing cream. Don't forget the sunblock.


Nutrition and diet advice:

Calcium: Women should prioritise their calcium intake as your estrogen levels start to decline, calcium levels become more important.

Diet: Aim for at least 1000mg of calcium per day from yoghurt, tofu, fortified non-dairy milk, nuts, and green leafy vegetables.

Fibre: Important at any age, fibre plays an increasingly important role in your forties. 

Diet: Fibre is found in grains, legumes, fruits, and vegetables.

Protein: Adult needs more protein throughout the day as they age. At least 1-1.2 g protein per kg of body weight.

Diet: Tofu, tempeh, dairy products, seeds and lentils.

Recommendations from Wise Crafters:

Pumpkin Lentil Soup, Avo Garden Wrap, Zesty Mustard Quinoa Bowl


Skin changes in 50s

As we reach the 50s, for women, due to post menopause, skin becomes thinner and less elastic. Skin tend to be more dry due to loss of moisture. There might be also excess pigments and more prominent signs of sun damage. Do gentle cleansing, aim to increase or maintain the volume and moisture of the skin. Last but not least, sunblock is still as important.


Nutrition and diet advice:

Eat proteins: Try foods such as chia seeds, avocados (with omega-3 fats), and vegetable protein, including soy.

Curb the sweets: Limit sugary drinks and deserts and sweetened dairy products. They can be loaded with calories and have little nutrition.

Enjoy a vegetarian meal a few times a week: Plant-based diets have lots of advantages. They're low in calories but rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Check out skin-health meals from Wise Crafters: 

We inherit a good skin at a young age, we will deserve it if we take good care of it as we age, and at the golden age, we earn the healthy skin we have had invested previously.

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