An Insight Into Calories

An Insight Into Calories

Dec 9, '21

Have you heard of calories before? Do you have any idea what it means and how it relates to your daily life? If you haven't heard of calories before or you don't know how it is important in your daily life, keep reading, I'll share about it with you.

Calories are the unit of measurement used for the amount of energy in the food and beverages you consume everyday. We need calories so that our body can get sufficient energy to function at its best so that we can happily perform our daily activities. But how is this important?

Think of a plant. Everyone knows that each plant needs different amount of water for them to grow, right? Water them too much will make them die, same goes if you water them too little or even worse, u forgot to water them. That's how we should treat our body with calories too. We should consume the perfect amount of calories that we need in order for our body to nourish.

How do we know how much calories do our body need? It's simple, we need to take into account our Body Mass Index (BMI) for us to know the ideal weight for our height, our Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), and our daily physical activity. Sounds too much to process? No worries, let us do the calculation and plan the meals that contain just the right amount of calories for you. Trust the process and you'll love the results.

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