The 5 Vit-Cs everyone needs during MCO

Mar 22, '20

5Cs to mind your mental health during the coronavirus lockdown

Care- We each have a responsibility, particularly in times like this, to Practise self-care. Prepare healthy meals to nourish your body. Take the opportunities to try out some #StayAtHome activities such as meditation, yoga, walking, baking, reading etc.

Connect- Connecting with family and friends (even if it's not in person), staying physically active, eating nutritious foods and seeking additional support by contacting Lifeline or further professional support whenever required.  

CalmFollow a “calm yet cautious” approach. do you best to remain calm and be mindful not to simply contribute to widespread any panic that could hinder efforts to positively manage the outbreak. Ensure you are following directives issued by the government, medical advice and practise good hygiene habits.

CompassionShow compassion and kindness to one another. When it comes to fear, isolation (both physical and social) and uncertainty period, it's the most important time when all of us should strengthen our sense of community by connecting with and supporting each other. Remind ourselves that we can manage this much better together in solidarity, and that COVID-19 doesn’t discriminate – it can affect anyone regardless of age, gender, nationality or ethnicity.

Call -It is extremely important to Seek out help if you feel you need it. Call Crisis centre when you think you may have COVID-19 symptoms. You could dial in to the health ministry’s Crisis Preparedness and Response Centre at 03-8881 0200, 03-8881 0600 or 03-8881 0700. Or you could also write in to this email address: 

Remember, social distance doesn’t mean isolation. You’ re not alone!


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