Passion Tango Oatmeal (Regular)

Check out that bright colour! Treat yourself now with our delicious and guilt-free mango passion fruit oatmeal  to start your morning off right.

Health Benefits: 

  • Both mango and passion fruits are high in antioxidants, which have the power to neutralise free radicals throughout the body. This also helps in reducing the signs of premature ageing, lessening inflammation as well as improving sleeping habits.

  • On top of that, Passion Tango Oatmeal also help to ease constipation problems.  

    Ingredients: Passion Fruits, Mango, Organic Chia Seeds, Greek Yogurt, Honey, Soy Milk and Organic Oats

    Energy: 328 calories


    • Cold storage 0-4 ℃ can be stored up to 5 days.
    • Once seal/container is opened, need to finish immediately.
    • Avoid direct sunlight or hot area.