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Clean Eating Meal Plan

Fully Prepared Healthy Diet Meal | Deliver To Your Doorstep Daily

Clean-eating meal plan

Result Proven Meal Plans
Backed By Certified Nutritionist.

Reviewed and refined by nutritionist

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Includes breakfast, bunch, dinner, and snack.

1-Day Clean Eating

One-Day Diet
RM68.00 | RM80.60

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5-Day Clean Eating

Five-Day Diet
RM320.00 | RM403.00

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20-Day Clean Eating

Twenty-Day Diet
RM1,200.00 | RM1,612.00

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At Wise Crafters, we approach clean-eating sensibly and make it easier for you to achieve your health goal.

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3 meals and anck + new flavorus weekly

Easy Peasy!

Wise Crafters meal delivery service offers healthy,
sustainable, ready-to-eat meals right to your doorstep.


Suitable for Who You Are

Meals designed for women

High Quality Whole Food Ingredients

Focused on real, high quality unprocessed foods (legumes, nuts and seeds, whole grains, colorful fruits, a variety of vegetables and more) and no artificial additives.

Natural vegetarian meals

Delicious with Greater Varieties

Customers have more than 50 choices to choose from and we update our menu regularly. We also collect feedback from customers, add new flavours based on their preferences, and remove the less favoured ones.

3 meals + snack
Many flavours

When Nutritious Meets Calorie Needs

Specially reviewed and refined by certified nutritionists, high dietary fiber, low calorie, and well-packed with nutrients and minerals.


Your health & safety
are always our top priorities.


Highly Rated

Customers' reviews

When it comes to clean dieting, it’s not all about eating less, but it’s about opting for more nutritious, low-calorie foods. Perhaps the best way is simply with some good clean eating. Less calories and stay fit with Wise’s ultimate meal plans to achieve your next body goal!  

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