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Home #SayangMyself Kickstart Program

Jumpstart 2021: New Year, New Start, New You!

Take the time to slow down, go inwards, reflect on the year. Let the process move and shift your inner compass.We have been tuned to charge forwards in high speed, till we forget to pause, rest and truly enjoy the present moment.

Join us in this exclusive mind, body and soul jumpstart. Move your body and mindfully breathe with yoga and sound bath sessions. Cultivate inner stillness with mindful therapeutic art. Feed and nourish your body with healthy wholesome food. All at the comfort of your home, everything you need will be delivered to you.

Metta Studio :

Our story begins with our name, Metta - a Pali word which means  loving-kindness. It is our wish for the physical and emotional well-being of everyone through yoga, meditation and sound healing. The secret of yoga is in the things you teach yourself through repeated visits to your mat. It is the practice of discovering the wisdom of your soul. And we here at Metta Studio warmly welcomes you to begin your journey with us.

Wise Crafters:

We are a data driven healthy F&B business which established since 2017. Now we are focusing in designing meal plans for busy citizen ( Especially Women) to achieve health goals via natural, delicious and nutritious meals.  Our meal plans are reviewed & refined by certified nutritionists. We offer doorstep delivery too.

Coming together throughout the 5 days, there will be support, encouragement and sharing of the joys (the downs) together, virtually. Research shown that when there are like-minded people coming together, there are higher chances for the individual to maintain a regular consistent routine for longer period. Make new friends and at the same time build new healthy habits for the mind, body and soul. 

Are you ready for 5 days of commitment to jumpstart the new year for the betterment of your wellbeing? 

This package consists of:

Metta Studio’s Offering: (N/P: RM270)

5 x virtual yoga with sound bath classes (Beginner-friendly yoga classes), N/P: RM100

1 x 90 mins virtual session on therapeutic art (Art supplies provided),  N/P: RM110

1 x Complimentary yoga class to be redeemed at the studio, N/P: RM60


Wise Crafter's Offering: (N/P: RM403)

3 days detoxing meals  and 2 days clean eating meals  ( Designed by certified nutritionist, Cheryl Liew )

3-day Detox Meal Plan: 

N/P: RM241.80

Day 1: Pitaya Kefir Smoothie, Zesty mustard quinoa bowl, Avocardian oatmeal, Granny Smith Kefir 
Day 2: Matcha berry Smoothie, Citrus garden quinoa bowl, Pitaya parfait oatmeal, Passion fruit Kefir 
Day 3: Avolicious super food smoothie, summer corn salad, Sunrise delight oatmeal, Turmeric & Ginger kefir

2-day Clean-eating Meal Plan:  

N/P: RM161.20

Day 1: Golden Royal Smoothie, Oatsome baked egg w salad, Seaweed Red Date Soup , Fresh Almond Oatmilk

Day 2: Pumpkin Lentil Soup, Golden ingot muffin w salad, Ginger Bell Pom oatmeal, Healthy Snack ( mixed nuts) 

Daily Delivery: 

We deliver to Klang Valley area only.

For meal plans, we provide free delivery to Petaling Jaya, Subang Jaya, and KLCC areas.

*Delivery charges will apply for other destination (RM10 to RM25, depend on delivery distance).

Your meals could arrive anytime from 8 AM to 10AM daily. You can keep the meals inside the fridge and have it whenever you want.

How to eat:

Most of the meals do not need to heat up, except for warm foods menu. 

The warm foods are fully prepared, just take out from the container (except the salad) and heat it up in the microwave for 1 minute or oven for 5 minutes in medium heat. Please note that the microwave / oven’s heating power is different from each and everyone. If not hot enough you may add 30 secs more.

#SayangMyself Kickstart Program

will start from: 2 Jan 2021 to 6 Jan 2021

 Normal Price: RM673

and now, New Year Promo!

Total only RM499

Limited seats available, reserve your slot now!

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