#SayangMalaysia Healthy Care Pack

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Home #SayangMalaysia Healthy Care Pack
Home #SayangMalaysia Healthy Care Pack

It’s easy to feel powerless in the face of COVID-19, but YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! 💪 Even you’re stuck at home now, here’s how you could get involved & give back 🥰

This month, Wise Crafters is launching this #SayangMalaysia Healthy Care Pack 💕 together with Sunway Xfarms, Sunway Pharmacy & Cold Express 🤝, encouraging Malaysians to be part of this meaningful social campaign. All the foods, sanitisers and masks will be delivered to rumah anak yatim, old folks home, and many more.

One set of care pack is only RM15, which includes one set of handmade vegan frittata salad bowl, one 60ml sanitiser and 5 pieces medical masks. Each care pack worth RM28 in normal price. 

What RM15 can buy?

💚 HEALTH - To feed the needy with our hand-made vegan frittata which allows everyone to have at least one healthy meal per day during this difficult time.
💚 SAFETY - #DidYouKnow that some of them re-use their disposable masks for a few days? With this care pack, now they can have clean masks and sanitizers to keep them safe.
💚 HAPPY - Making other people happy is a super happiness! 

💚 LOVE - To let them know they’re not alone. Let's spread the loves now.

Together we #SayangMalayasia #SayangEachOther to make a brighter Malaysia in these darkening times. 


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