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Check out our new Warm Meal Flavour

Guac-Tempe Pockets

Going back to on-site work after a long period of WFH is draining you?

Here’s a quick yet healthy and yummylicious meals to replenish your energy! Introducing Wise Crafters’ ✨Guac-Tempe Pockets✨

containing only +/- 434 calories Perf for hard-working woman just like you!💯

Why? What’s so special about this new meal? A meal rich in protein and helps to improve the composition of you gut microbiota eventually enhancing your metabolic rate!

Our in-house nutritionists designed seasonings for the right and rich yummylicious flavours😋 You gotta try it to experience its magic🤩

So, what are you waiting for?

Ingredients: Avocado, Tempeh, Cherry Tomato, Purple Cabbage, Carrot, Sunflower Seed, Lemon Juice, Mixed Herbs, Salt & Spices. Serve with Pita Bread.

职业女性Back to normal 的上班生活忙碌顾及不来 一日三餐 就要吃得饱,吃得对,才有精力!

Wise Crafters 的健康餐肯定让你吃得安心,健康又苗条。 好想大大声的告诉你 ———— 新餐单很好吃!

Guac-Tempe Pocket +-434 卡

天贝是女性健康食品之一 有助改善人类肠道菌群的组成并强化代谢活性 经过营养师设计的调味料 让天贝的味道更加有层次 天贝的豆香和柠檬及香料的搭配 是另一种风味 吃起来特别醒胃 🤩

来吧,一通电话, 我们把营养送上门给你 ☺️~


Grab the new flavour today from the meal plans and bundles below. 😋

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