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Home New Flavour!

Check out our New Oatmeal Flavour

Avo Tango Oatmeal


Want to eat healthy dinner but no time to cook?

Here’s ✨Avo Tango Oatmeal✨ the ideal quick yet healthy dinner😋 made just for you😘

Containing only 4️⃣0️⃣6️⃣kcal, every ingredient in this oatmeal is rich in benefits🤩 ⭐

Rich in Vitamin C ⭐ High Dietary Fibre keeps your tummy fuller for longer & benefits overall cardiovascular health by reducing blood glucose and cholesterol ⭐

helps women in lowering accumulation of fats that surrounds our internal organs such as heart and liver that could lead to stroke, heart disease, and diabetes.

P/s: This is a seasonal flavour, limited time available.

Grab one now to be an early bird to taste the goodness oatmeal

Ingredients: Avocado, Mango, Cashews, Organic Chia Seeds, Raw Honey, Organic Soy Milk and Organic Oats

在忙碌的一天里, 来一份鳄梨(牛油果)和芒果组合燕麦餐, 给您补充一个上午所需的能量。 一个份量充满膳食纤维和维生素C, 味道除了会带给您意想不到的惊喜, 上厕通顺,而且还吃进满满的能量, 使工作效率大大提升。

这口味是季节限定的,错过就要等很久了! 快快到下面的配套选购吧~

Grab the new flavour today from the meal plans and bundles below. Time for some nice avo😋

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