Granny Smith Apple Juice Kefir

In search of a nutritional drink that will pamper your body with a multitude of health benefits? Get yourself a Wise Crafters Granny Smith Apple Juice Kefir and see how it nourishes your body from within.

With just a splash you can enjoy the benefits of this fizzy apple infused drink effortless and feel the energising effects throughout the day.

How to drink

  • Start slow, ¼ cup per time and gradually increase to a ⅛ cup per time.

  • Drink 1-4 cups daily in the recommended dosage.
  • To ease yourself from the effects, you can dilute it with water or fruit juice.

    Ingredient: Water Kefir & Cold Pressed Apple Juice

    Health Benefits

    • Natural Probiotics
    • Boost Immune System
    • Control inflammation
    • Keeps bad bacteria at bay


    • Cold storage 0-4 ℃ can be stored up to 14 days.
    • Avoid direct sunlight or hot area.