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Home Frozen Healthy Food Bundle


Why "Blast Frozen" foods are healthier than normal frozen foods?

Normal freezer usually takes longer time to chill the food inside, and the crystals that formed inside the frozen food are larger, and this can affect the taste and texture of that food.

Unlike normal freezer, a commercial blast freezer rapidly “blast” chilled air to the surface of the foods and freeze food in short time. The process locks more than 80% of the nutritional value, and preserve the flavour, texture, and colour of the food.

Food from a blast freezer when thawed, keeps it structure and quality better, without preservatives.

When the food is quickly frozen after its cooked, it prevents the growth of microorganism and ensures that the food is safe.

Wise Crafters' Frozen Healthy Food Bundle

At Wise Crafters, our frozen foods are freshly prepared daily. They are vacuum packed and blast frozen to ensure the best quality delivered to you.

You can store the frozen packs in your freezer, and you may consume it whenever you want.

Stock up your fridge with healthier food now!

~We are Wise Crafters~

Wise Crafters is here to help the busy citizens to
achieve personal health goals by offering the natural healthilicious vegetarian meals.

When Nutritious, Meet Delicious
Like you, we are frustrated by processed foods which are loaded with calories, sugars, pesticides, hormones and GMOs. Now, let's eat wisely by understanding the foods content & make the right choice for our body!

Wholesome Ingredients
Wise Crafters source high-quality ingredients and makes sure each meal is nutrient dense and packed with the good stuff. All of the meals are also peanut-free and contain no refined sugars. If you're looking for a convenient way to eat healthier every day, here's why Wise Crafters may be for you and your family.

Top chefs + nutritionists do all the works for you!
Wise Crafters delivers fresh prepared meals. The service stands out from the sea of meal-delivery kits because all the meals are developed by a team of chefs and nutritionists — require absolutely no cooking.
    Live your life more with Wise Crafters
    Wise Crafters is like your personal chef—no shopping, chopping, calorie calculation or cleanup. We will take the guesswork out of clean-eating and make time for you ( & your loved ones) to live and enjoy more. Truly, no muss, no fuss.

    Easy Peasy!
    Wise Crafters offer meal delivery service that sends healthy, sustainable, ready-to-eat meals right to your doorstep. 

     Your health & safety are always our top priorities. 
    Production: Wise Crafters maintains the cleanliness of our kitchens & oatsome bar by following the highest standards in sanitation and cleaning protocols. Additionally, all staff have ramped up their efforts in temperature checks, and proper usage of masks and gloves at all times. 
    Delivery: All riders are required to sanitise their hands with provided sanitiser and have their temperature checked before picking up the meals for delivery job. 


    (Dine-in is temporary unavailable, but we can deliver to your doorstep!)

    Waits no more, let's check out our nutritious & delicious meal bundles today!