Healthy Foods Packages: Contactless Delivery & Precautionary Measures

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Home MCO Specials

We know what is your need. Wise Crafters are now offering contactless delivery and pick up, as well as enforcing additional precautionary measures:

  1. The contactless delivery, launched at the start of the MCO, allows riders to deliver orders at designated spots such as in front of customers’ homes or offices.
  2. Mandatory daily temperature checks have also been implemented for employees and delivery partners. We will include no worries cards (Food safety tracking) in every single delivery. 
  3. Of course, sanitisation of the food delivery bags or pouches was not spelled out under the recent measures. Every rider is asked to sanitise their hand before picking up the job.

Your health and safety are our TOP prioritiesKeep the stress down and pre-order the selected MCO special promos below: