Christmas Grateful Gift Sets

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Home Christmas Grateful Gift Sets

Christmas Wholesome Gift Set


🎁If you’re looking to surprise your loved one or your BFF, delivering a gift is a fantastic way to show they’re in your thoughts this pandemic and as a #ThankYou gesture for their ultimate support. Let’s appreciate them with Wise Crafters’ Wholesome Gift Set; something hearty (oh-so-good, wholesome treats), something cute (mini succulent), something sweet (your heartwarming messages).🎄


Christmas Grazing Box

🎁Instead of buying flowers this year, what about surprising them with a romantic yet super pretty Christmas Grazing Box? This gift idea promises to inject some “excitement” into this pandemic life - sprinkle some loves over their eyes with these gorgeous, wholesome treats like never before.🎄 “instagramable” to show the whole world how romantic and sweet your HEART is!


Christmas Grateful Family Feast

Wise Crafters’ Grateful Family Feast takes all the stress out of preparing for the big meal yourself with an array of extremely delicious, wholesome healthy treats! What a treat because #YouDeserveIt.🎄