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Home House of Abundance by Alliance Privilege

During this pandemic, the livelihood of many companies and entrepreneurs has been threatened. Trying to adapt to the New Normal was a huge challenge. Wise Crafters too! But we’re lucky enough to be selected as a finalist in Bizsmart Challenge and very grateful to have the support from Alliance Bank, not only in terms of fundings but also the business opportunity to be part of their CNY gifting project (House of Abundance). It has helped us in improving our revenue and promoting healthy eating to the nation.
Special thanks to Alliance Bank and Alliance Privilege. For a small local business like Wise Crafters, getting few thousands sets of gift box orders is a “big” project to us. Thus, we made sure we put in 200% of the effort and be super detailed in every single aspect of this project.
Let's talk about our Wise Crafters' Spiced Apple Chutney. This special recipe is formulated by Genie Sensei a.k.a. our healthy meals specialist. She has chosen South Africa Crispy Red Apple, Spanish Onion, and Indian Spices to make this nutritious and delicious masterpiece with the hope that those who enjoy this condiment will always be Safe and Sound.
What is so special about our healthy snacks?
1) Premium: Our snacks consist of almonds, cashews, goji berries, coconut flakes, and raisins which symbolize both happiness and prosperity.
2) Carefully handcrafted: From choosing ingredients to toasting and packing, we monitor every single detail to ensure their freshness, crunchiness, and taste.
3) No preservatives/additives, no sugar, and no salt: It’s all about whole foods that bring you natural protein, fibre and heart-healthy fat.

Last but not least, we’ve Osmanthus Oolong Teas which are directly imported from Taiwan Nan Tou Tea Farm. Every sip of this premium tea has a refreshing and aromatic taste which also helps to keep us feeling calm and soothe.
This "House of Abundance” gift set is not only about prosperity but also represents both health and happiness. Thank you Alliance Bank and Alliance Privilege for offering us such a meaningful job and letting more people know about Wise Crafters.
Thanks again! Gong Xi Fa Cai
2020和2021年对很多人来讲都很不容易。我们Wise Crafters真的很感恩在这疫情得到ALLIANCE BANK的帮助。除了贷款援助,ALLIANCE PRIVILEGE也给机会Wise Crafters这个小型企业,让我们参与这个“金银满屋”新年礼盒的项目,帮助我们增加收入,更携手一起推广健康饮食。所以,再一次感谢ALLIANCE BANK 和ALLIANCE PRIVILEGE。
先来说说Wise Crafters 的英式苹果酸辣酱。这比普通的果酱来得有切块水果的口感,而且更多了一份了大马人最喜欢的酸辣口味。这独一无二的健康创意食谱,是来自我们的Wise Crafters健康料理达人,Genie师傅,她选用了南非进口的香脆红苹果,配搭西班牙洋葱与多种印式香料来制作这个味道极佳且营养丰富的苹果酸辣酱,Spiced Apple Chutney。寓意是,希望享用此酱料的ALLIANCE PRIVILEGE顾客,能岁岁平安,福寿年年。
2)贵在于全人手制作:所有食材都由Wise Crafters团队精挑细选,并细致入微地控制烘烤温度,以达至每一颗都天然滋味,香脆可口。
当然,接下来还有我们从台湾南头茶农直接进口的《上等桂花乌龙茶》。 清新的桂花香,融入轻发酵的高山乌龙茶汤,入口甘甜柔滑,给人增添清幽,抚平烦躁。
说是ALLIANCE PRIVILEGE送你一间“金银满屋”新年礼盒,也更是祝福家家户户,来年丰衣足食,安康欢乐。
Wise Crafters非常感恩有机会参与这个这么有意义的项目,更谢谢ALLIANCE BANK对我们这些小企业的提拔,扶助我们过渡难关。