Improves digestion and reduce bloating by drinking kefir

Improves digestion and reduce bloating by drinking kefir

Jun 14, '20

Mr. Norman is one of our happy customers from Costa Rica. I remembered his first visit to Oatsome Bar was in April 2019. He shared with us his health problem, in which he used to have Abdominal Bloating every morning, and need to rely a lot on prescription medications from the hospital to solve his indigestion issue. Therefore, we recommended him our Kefir and also let him try a cuppa on his first visit. Since then, he continues to purchase Kefir from Wise Crafters every week.

“I’m thankful for having "discovered" this little cozy restaurant. Sam, one of the partners, introduced me to all the delicious foods and in particular to Wise Crafters Kefir. Before I start drinking this miraculous drink prepared by Wise Crafters, I could not eat spicy food, curries, drink milk, eat ice cream, and other dairy products. So my choice of food was very limited which was such a huge pity for living in Malaysia. Now thanks to my daily dose of Wise Crafters Kefir and great service from the restaurant, I am smiling at food. My digestion is more stable and I can enjoy all the goodies I have been deprived of for many years.“ Says Mr. Norman

It is indeed such a joy to know that Kefir not only nourishing our customers’ body but also helping to heal health issues in natural ways.

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