Quennie Ong’s Exclusive Interview and Slimming Tips

Quennie Ong’s Exclusive Interview and Slimming Tips

Jul 30, '17

Wise beloved regular customer, Quennie Ong is not only a fitness instructor but also a dedicated dance instructor. Living in a hectic lifestyle - She is constantly busy with her own career from long hours of dance training to participating in various competitions where she rarely has the time preparing a simple meal or eating healthy.

By chance, Quennie Ong came across Wise on Facebook last March and decided to give it a try. It came to her surprise on how overnight oats could change her eating habit to be more disciplined and healthy. She is not only satisfied with the natural sweetness and tastiness that come from the ingredients used but she learns how to eat mindfully by choosing Wise.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for her support by giving us this filming opportunity which allows us to have a better understanding of our valuable customers. Despite her tight schedule, she is willing to allocate part of her time to share with us her healthy weight loss success stories and how the passion of dance could change her life.


Other than having enough exercise, she is also very cautious on her daily food intake in terms of both quality and quantity. Part of those would be staying away from junk food.

Because of her frankness and positive attitudes, it was so lively and full of good vibes throughout the whole filming session.


Below is Quennie’s Instagram and Email Adds., feel free to follow her healthy journey.

Instagram: @quennie211

Email Add: Quennie7211@gmail.com


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