Valentines Grazing Box

*Delivery of goods on 14 Feb will not follow customers' selected time, and the goods will be delivered between 10am to 8pm depends on delivery company's schedule

Valentine's Day is just around the corner 💕 and your mind might dart to the traditional route to surprise your valentines with a bouquet of flowers 💐🤔, why not try giving something creative (practical yet romantic!) this year 👩‍❤️‍👨?

Love is sweet and it’s no surprise that most of us are glued with the consumption of “sweet” treats. Wanna stick with the sweet sweet theme? Wise Crafters has got more for you! Enjoy healthy Valentine’s treats without overloaded calories with sugary food 😋.

Let’s check out our Valentine’s Day gift box that your loved ones will drool over! 🤤
❤️ WOW, WOW, and still WOW!
😍 Love at first sight + love at first bite! WOW your sweetie with our strawberry fruit platter and handmade apple cakes that are “full of love”.

❤️ BEST way to express your feeling.
Nothing is better than enjoying this treat with your loved ones by feeding each other. Flowers are nice to see, but this amazing treat is worth every single bite.

❤️ Healthier pick
An abundant and healthy assortment of food to fill their hearts while feeding their tummies! A perfect balance of healthy and a treat.

From carefully cleaning the fruits to baking the heart-shaped apple cakes, Wise Crafters handle them all with care just to make this perfect A++ gift on V-day! 💝 Not forgetting to pair it with a cup of kefir drink. Instagrammable + affordable! Order now and get them delivered on time


    • Cold storage 0-4 ℃ & consume on the same day.

    • Avoid direct sunlight or hot area.

    Booking Details

    Please place order at least one day ( 24 hours ) in advanced for us to carefully handcraft the healthy gift box & arrange delivery for you and your love ones.

    *Delivery of goods on 14 Feb will not follow customers' selected time, and the goods will be delivered between 10am to 8pm depends on delivery company's schedule