Soulful Soup Noodle

Don’t miss this, if you’re a noodle lover like us! 🤩
Say hello to our latest “Soulful Soup Glass Noodle” 😋 - not your typical kind of noodle soup though.

Tastes slightly like tom yam (but less spicy). Whether you’re under the weather or fit as a fiddle, this soup is suitable and great for everyone 🙌. Squishy, slurpable glass noodles with a healthy dose of nutritional ingredients such as cashews, corns, carrots, and lemongrass make this deliciously satisfying soup perfect for any day.

Most importantly, it’s only 300+ calories. If you’re looking for something filling but not too heavy, this is the one 💚


  • Need to finish immediately
  • Avoid direct sunlight or hot area.


  • 当打开之后请尽快食用完。
  • 避免放置在有阳光照射或高温的地方。

Ingredients & Nutritional Informations

  • Ingredients: Glass Noodles, Cashews, Corns, Carrots, and Lemongrass
  • Calories: +-333 kcal
  • 食材:冬粉,腰果,玉米,胡萝卜,香茅
  • 热量:+-333卡路里