Premium Osmanthus Oolong Tea

• Content : 5g each, total 60g

• Packing : 10 packs, Loose Pack

• Country of Origin : Taiwan

• Tea Type : Oolong Tea

• Fermentation Degree : 30%,

• Roasted Degree : of 45%

• Aroma : Rich

• Tea Taste : Sweet floral

Perfect mixture of Oolong tea with sweet Osmanthus. Osmanthus is rich in aroma substances and well-known herb. The sweetness of sweet-scented Osmanthus blends into the tea flavour of Oolong tea, giving it a unique flavour.

Brewing Instruction :

Hot Brew:

Take one tea spoon of Wise Crafters Osmanthus Oolong Tea leaves (5g) to your teacup, pour over 800ml 85 - 95°C hot water and wait for 3-5  minutes before serve.

Cold Brew: 

5g Osmanthus Oolong tea Infused in 1000ml room temperature water & keep in the fridge for 3 hour, take out & ready to serve. Consumed on same day.


Avoid high temperature and humid place