Mother's Love CSR Campaign: I Buy You Smoothie

Mother figures definitely plays a big role in each and every one’s life. We are certainly lucky and blessed that we always have one by our side. Undeniably, not everyone is fortunate enough to grow up and be with their mother. But that won’t be the hiccup from us honoring the love of mothers. This time, Wise Crafters is sparing one’s all for YOU to be the mother for the orphan kids.

This Mother’s Love CSR campaign called “I buy you smoothie” on Mother’s Day will let YOU serve the kids a healthy, nutritious smoothie bowls (Just like mothers do!). We are going to let YOU to be their one-day mother on the Mother’s Day.

This campaign is intended for:

  1. More awareness to the unfortunate communities.
  2. Share our love to the orphanage as most of their mothers are not by their side for now.
  3. Encourage more people to eat healthy especially the B40 communities.
    • Due to budget constraint, most of the donations to these families will tend to buy highly processed food (high in trans-fat, refined sugar, contain MSG/ preservatives) that can be kept for a longer time (e.g. Instant noodle, biscuit, and cake).

We will be collecting orders from public and corporate to purchase our whole foods smoothie bowl, and send them to the selected orphanage homes:

  • Rumah Anak Yatim Rukaiyyah
  • SHELTER Home for Children
  • House of Love (Pertubuhan Rumah Anak Yatim Berkat Kasih)
  • Trinity Children Home

* The list will be extended if more orders are received :)

At the same time Raya is just around the corner, we think that it will be good for the kids to perceived motherly love from YOU on the day of family gathering. A symbol as they are not all alone by themselves. Spread the love and gratitude for the unfortunate communities could be one of the good deeds to redeem in the graceful Bulan Ramadhan.

Available bundles:

10 sets (abt 230 grams each) of smoothie for RM100

25 sets (abt 230 grams each) of smoothie for RM250

50 sets (abt 230 grams each) of smoothie for RM500

Smoothie will be delivered to orphanage homes above from 2nd May to 20th May 2022.