Hearty Veggie Bean Soup

Say HELLO to our latest “Hearty Veggie Bean Soup” 😍, it’s soooo flavourful that you’ll want to lick the whole bowl! (we’re not even kidding 😋)

A perfect balance of veggies, tofu, white kidney beans, edamame, and sweet potatoes, it’s intensely refreshing and packed with nutrients (an excellent source of both Vitamin C and K! 💪). A smart way to boost your veggie intake. 

When simplicity meets health & flavour! We make it easy with nutritious, no-prep meals delivered to your door. What a healthful addition to your diet 💯

Ingredients: White Kidney Bean, Edamame, Sweet Potatoes,Tofu, White Cabbage, Carrot, Tomatoes, iodized Salt, Herbs & Spices.

Energy: +- 315 Calories

Weight: 400grams