Family Rainbow Feast (Free Delivery)

Greater Varieties  |  Clean-eating |  Whole Foods | Low-calorie  

About 3 times (over more) a day, kids are crying 👶, whining, or searching for something they can’t find. “Mummie, jie jie hits me 😭”, “Mummie, can teach me this”, “Don’t want rice, I want burger 😩!”. You’re a peacemaker, a teacher, a 24/7 cook, and even a working mum.

Pandemic has made many things even harder, especially the tedious meal prepping for everyone at home. Boring la, not nice la, want to eat fast food la...Arghhh! 🤦‍♀️ Here we are to make your breakfast, lunch and dinner so much more convenient 👩‍🍳 - colourful, tasty & healthy! 😋 Now y'all can sambil eat, sambil online learning and work in peace too 🥳

Why Wise Crafters?
👉 Fancy + banyak patterns menu (confirm not boring!)
👉 Healthy foods can be super sedap too
👉 Made with whole foods, most importantly #LOVE
👉 Carefully crafted and reviewed by our nutritionists. Supported by science.

Dieting can be a lonely road when you go it alone. Let’s make healthy eating a family affair 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 before it’s too late. Order Now!


You can always mix and match the selections to replace your breakfast, lunch and dinner with these deliciously wholesome meals anytime anywhere. 

This Family Rainbow Feast comes with one free delivery to Petaling Jaya, Subang Jaya and KL City Centre (KLCC areas)

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