CNY Reunion Package for 10 pax

This package includes
  1. Healthilicious Fruity Lou Sang
  2. Cheese Platter (cheese block with pretzels & crackers)
  3. Middle East Sweet Potato Cutlets
  4. Golden Ingot Muffin (savoury egg muffin)
  5. Thin Crust Pizza with homemade Tomato Chutney
  6. Zesty Mustard Quinoa Salad
  7. Homemade Crispy Nachos & Tomato Salsa 
  8. Minty Melon Chia Pudding 
  9. Goji Brownie 
  10. Kefir Fruit Punch

FREE DELIVERY to Klang Valley. For further information, please call 011-6262 3294 (9am to 6pm daily)

* Need to order 3 days in advance