Cha Chia Boom Oatmeal (Regular)

Matcha and red bean is truly a classic ingredient pair that serves each other well. The sweetness from red bean complements well with the slight bitterness of matcha, and the earthy matcha made the beans taste even sweeter. They’re sweet, they’re delicious, and they’re healthy! It’s just, the match made in heaven. It’s just, you know, green.

Health Benefits:

  • Matcha, an excellent natural detoxifier which helps to reduce harmful cholesterol and promotes weight loss.

  • Red Beans are great sources of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Studies even show that red beans are taken to control diabetes, increase antioxidant intake, build muscle mass, improve heart health and help in appetite management.

Ingredients: Matcha, Red Beans, Walnuts, Organic Chia Seeds, Honey, Soy Milk and Organic Oats


Energy: 323 calories


  • Cold storage 0-4 ℃ , need to be consumed same day.
  • Once seal/container is opened, need to finish immediately.
  • Avoid direct sunlight or hot area