Affin We Care Healthy Package

RM172.00 RM58.00
Whole Foods

* This is a collaboration project between Affin Bank and Wise Crafters. Promo is only available for selected customers.

This package includes: 

1 x online Weight Loss Diet Consultation Session by certified nutritionist from Wise Crafters. ( Can be done in either google e-meet or whatsApp ) 

3 x 320 grams Oatmeal with free delivery within Klang Valley

 We will contact you within 24 hours upon upon order confirmation. Once appointment is set, you will be receiving Whatsapp notification from us and please get yourself ready for it.  Each consultation session might take up to 15mins-20mins of times. 

For the oatmeal, you can choose the flavours from the dropdown menu. You can decide on the delivery time at the checkout page. It is free delivery within Klang Valley.

Promo End: 31 January 2024

How many portions are your meals?
Every meal is single serving and meant to feed one person. One meal is about 300 calories to 500 calories, depending on the flavour you choose. Calorie count and ingredients information can be found from the menu image.

Where do I find the expiration date on my meals?  
  • Best before date is stated on the packaging (jar/ bottle/ container).
  •  Keep refrigerated/ frozen
  •  Enjoy before the expiry date.
  •  Storage:
  1.  For bundle, we will also indicate no. 1-7 on the packaging so that it would be easier for you to know which flavour to be consumed first. 
  2.  Oatmeal usually can last about 3-5 days inside the fridge except for certain flavours such as Aloe Vera Longan & Avocadian can only last about 2 days. 
  3.  Frozen meals can be stored for 1 week in the freezer. 
  4.  Almond oatmilk can last about 2days inside the fridge. 
  5.  Kefir can last about 3weeks inside the fridge.  
How do I heat up my meals?  
Oatmeals do not need to be heated up. The warm foods are fully prepared, just take out from the packaging (except the salad) and heat it up in the microwave for 1 minute or in a steamer/ oven for 5 minutes on medium heat. Please note that the microwave / oven’s heating power is different from each and everyone. If not hot enough you may add 30 secs more.

Where can I find ingredient and nutritional info for your meals?  
You can click the " Ingredients and nutritional information" tab from every meal page to know about the details. Besides, you also can obtain the relevant information from our meal images section.

Can I choose the meals I want?
Yes, You can choose from the dropped down menu.  

May I know your delivery coverage?  
For Fit Meal Bundle, we currently offer free delivery to the Klang Valley area only.  

When is the earliest delivery slot?
8.30am to 10am. Cut-off time for earliest delivery is 4PM EST a day before. Any orders placed after 4PM EST will be delivered after 10am on the following day.

What time of day will my meals arrive?  
The delivery time depends on your location and when our delivery partner delivers to your area. We have 5 delivery slots per day : 
  •  8.30am - 10am
  •  10am - 12pm
  •  12pm - 2pm
  •  2pm - 4pm
  •  4pm - 6pm
We offer same day delivery too. Please WhatsApp us if you have any enquiries on this : (available from 9am to 9pm daily).

When is the earliest delivery slot?
 8.30am to 10am. Cut-off time for earliest delivery is 4PM EST a day before. Any orders placed after 4PM EST will be delivered after 10am on the following day.