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If you are on diet but having sweet tooth, this oatmeal is sure to satisfy! Made with deliciously crunchy yacon(雪莲果), pear and the natural fat burner, lecithin granules(卵磷脂), these creamy low-cal oats should pass as a healthy dessert. 

This oatmeal recipe calls for three weight loss superstars: Pear, Yacon and Lecithin Granules. 

  • Pear is a high-energy and high-nutrition food with low impact on weight gain and obesity (It is one of the lowest calorie fruit and high in fibre). 

  • Yacon can fill you up and has a very low level of calories, it is thought to result in overall weight loss. This can also be caused by the increased satiety that people feel after eating this sweet plant. (source from organicfacts.net website)

  • Lecithin Granules is known to be a natural emulsifier, which helps metabolite fats effectively. Lecithin is composed of highly polyunsaturated fat which believed to reduces the levels of bad cholesterol, LDL and increase the amount of good cholesterol, HDL. (source from durablehealth.net website)


Ingredients: Pear, Yacon(雪莲果),Lecithin Granules(卵磷脂) Organic Chia Seeds, Greek Yogurt, Honey, Soy Milk and Organic Oats

Energy: 328 calories


  • Cold storage 0-4 ℃ can be stored up to 2 days.
  • Once seal/container is opened, need to finish immediately.
  • Avoid direct sunlight or hot area.