I Heart You Oatsome Combo

Indulging in take-out, fast food fixes, late night binges, it’s easy to get off track during the pandemic 😫. All these could lead to heart disease especially in women. Unable to rejoin the gym shouldn’t be an excuse for letting yourself go anymore 🤐.

Hate that extra pounds you gain during lock-down, then it’s time to do something about it by staying focused on keeping your heart healthy. Wise’s ‘I Heart You Oatsome Combo’ is where it all begins 💝.

 This package includes:

    • 5 x 320grams Oatmeal (Kindly Choose flavours from drop down menu)
    • 1 x 380ml Almond oatmilk
    • 1 x Healthy snack (Cashews, Almonds, Cranberries & Coconut Flakes)
    • 1 x Non-woven bag  
    • FREE 1 x White photo frame

    Please choose the oatmeal and beverage flavours from the dropdown menu above.

    This I Heart You Oatsome Combo comes with one free delivery to Petaling Jaya, Subang Jaya and KL City Centre (KLCC areas) 

    This Promotion valid until 31 October 2020

      Why is it so good?

      Why is it so good?

      How to eat?

      When to eat?

      Who suitable to eat?

      Food safety, workplace sanitation & quality assurance

      By taking this package, you can...

      • Kick start healthy eating in an easy & sustainable way : If you're concerning that you might not be able to commit healthy eating habit throughout the day, then this package is your perfect solution! Keep in fridge and consume within the best before date.
      • Eat right not less: The β-Glucan from oatmeal may increase your feeling of fullness, which means that it will make you feel full for longer period and help you avoid extra calories intake. 
      • Enjoy a wide variety of delicious healthy foods: You won’t get bored because we have plenty of oatmeal flavours for you to choose from. Besides, Kefir is naturally fizzy , it make you feel like drinking sparkling juice, so delicious~
      • Live your life more: Wise Crafters includes these naturally functional foods into meal plans, provides doorstep delivery and makes time for our customers to live and enjoy more.