🌸 Moms work tirelessly to keep the family together and running smoothly, often putting their own needs aside.
Let's make your mom feel loved and appreciated this Mother's Day with our specially curated gifts. 

Ways to #SayangMama

Benefit one

Fuel your mother's body with a week's supply of Oatsome goodness.

Benefit two

Celebrate this special day with a heart-warming high tea session.

Benefit three

Support breastfeeding mothers by helping them save time and nourishing their bodies with suitable foods.

Benefit two

Gifts that delight and indulge, just for Mom.

Revive the Warmth of Mother-Daughter Moments with Lemon Gummies Oatmeal!

Our founder, Samantha used to cycle to Ipoh Garden's food court to tapau shaved ice desserts for herself and her mother, creating cherished memories filled with warmth and love. Lemon Gummies oatmeal is inspired by these moments, a tribute to their special bond infused with lemon zest, peach gum, and fragrant mango. Order now and create your own memories.

Let's #SayangMama now~

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Sayang Mama High Tea Combo

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Be Lovely Grazing Box

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Lactation Goodness Meal Bundle

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Be Oatsome Combo

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Do you have any question?

  1. Do you send to my place?
    Our delivery cover Klang Valley area
  2. Delivery Details? 
     🌻Our daily delivery timeslots:
     *Sun-Friday* (Saturday off day, Sunday 10am onwards) :
     Morning : 8.30am – 10am, 10am -12pm.
     Afternoon : 4pm -6pm
     🌻If need Same Day delivery:
    Please place order at least 2 hour before our delivery slot
  3. Can I rush my order? 
    🌻If order is placed before 4pm a day before delivery , we can send in the first morning time slot. Which is 8.30am to 10am. 🌻If order is placed after 4pm a day before delivery , we can only send in after 10am 😊
  4. Where can I find the Lemon Gummies Oatmeal?
    This flavour is available in any of our Oatsome Combos, Meal Plan as well as our #SayangMama High Tea Set
  5. How I consume & keep the foods? 
    🌻All meals can be stored in the fridge until you're ready to enjoy them.
    🌻Smoothies and oatmeal can be consumed directly from the container.
    🌻For warm meals, simply reheat them slightly before consuming.
    🌻We'll provide you with a detailed e-guide via WhatsApp on the delivery date.
  6. How long your oatmeal can keep? 
    Our oatmeal can be kept in fridge up to 5 days. However it will depend on the flavour you choose . 

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