What makes oat Beta-glucan so good to your body

What makes oat Beta-glucan so good to your body

Sep 8, '17

Oat β-Glucans (beta-glucans) is actually a soluble fibre which we can find in oat. In 1997, the FDA approved of a claim that intake of at least 3.0 g of β-glucan from oats per day decreased absorption of dietary cholesterol and reduced the risk of coronary heart disease. 

Now let's see what are the health benefits of having β-Glucans in Wise's oatmeal.

Decreases bad cholesterol absorption in the intestinal tract. Beta-glucan also lowers the re-absorption of bile acids (which the body makes from cholesterol) so that your body has to use more circulating cholesterol to produce new bile acids.

Help control blood sugar by reducing postprandial blood glucose and insulin response. Clinical trials have demonstrated that β-Glucans are believed to improve blood glucose and insulin response by reducing the interaction between food and digestive enzymes in the stomach, delaying gastric emptying, and reducing absorption of glucose.

Good for slimming/weight management. While additional studies are needed, some research suggests that eating beta-glucan soluble fibre may also promote satiety and/or reduced energy intake at a subsequent meal.

Promote the growth of friendly bacterias. Oat beta-glucan serves as a valuable substrate for fermentation by friendly bacteria in the colon. 


source: fiberfacts.org website